EST Scholarship

Through the Emerging Scholar Talk (EST) competition, CWiC celebrates both strong research projects and solid speaking abilities by providing students with a public forum in which to talk about their academic work. All undergraduates are invited to apply. Scholarship must be the original work of the undergraduate applicant and may not be co-authored.
After interviewing Applicants, the CWiC-EST Editorial Board’s Advisors will select the Emerging Scholar and then they will coach/help the selected speaker to hone their presentation for an April event. Because student speakers communicate their work to a broad audience, the series offers participants and audiences a chance to share ideas across disciplinary bounds. The Emerging Scholar will receive a $500 award and will be recognized during the College's Student Awards Ceremony in May. In addition, a video of the EST will be placed on the CWiC web site.
Apply at the following link: 

About CWIC

CWiC is committed to creating a culture of learning through speaking and communication. Our goals are to improve undergraduate teaching, create an intellectual community through speaking, and ensure that Penn students graduate as capable and strong communicators. Interested in becoming a speech/presentation advisor or the next CWiC Emerging Scholar? Click the Apply button to see what awesome opportunities are currently being offered!

Meet The Advisors

Ariela Stein

Cwic Advisor