For students interested in sharpening their presentation skills and developing important communication CWiC offers two different types of courses: CWiC Affiliate Courses and Critical Speaking Seminars. There is a myriad of different topics and concentrations across the two categories; it doesn’t matter what college you’re in or what your area of study is; CWiC has an affiliate course that will match interests. Don’t believe us? Check out the course offerings and previous affiliate courses!
What makes these affiliate courses unique? CWiC affiliated courses offer students the chance to improve their speaking abilities by requiring students to meet with a CWiC speaking advisor to rehearse at least one graded speaking assignment. The critical speaking seminars are speaking intensive affiliated courses. Specifically,Critical Speaking Seminars utilize oral communication assignments as a primary method for learning and assessment. They have three key requirements:

  • At least half of the course grade is based on two prepared oral presentations (one group and one individual).
  • Students will meet with an undergraduate speaking advisor outside of class at least twice—one rehearsal for each of the two required presentations.
  • Students will be video-recorded and will watch the recording with either the instructor or the advisor.

Whether you want to refine your speaking skills, or need a starting point, there’s an affiliate course for you; check them out!